H!P Hidden Gems: Dou ni ka Shite Doyoubi

Goodday to you all and welcome again at H!P Hidden gems.
Today's hidden gem was actually inspired by today's Morning Musume concert, in which on of their first album songs was preformed. I thought I would tell you guys something about one of my favorite songs on this album:

Dou ni ka Shite Doyoubi
Name: Dou ni ka Shite Doyoubi
What kind of song?: Album song
Artist(s): Morning Musume
Year: 1998

1. Is this song unknown or is it pretty populair? 
I feel like it's pretty unknown. It's a song from Morning Musume's very first album and I think a lot of current fans do not listen to the early albums.
2. What is a good prefromance of this song?
Okay, it's not a preformance, like a live. Yet this is the way I got to know this song. I am obsessed with Kamei-chan, so when I heared she was in this song, I listened to it and got addicted. 
3. Where there any outfits for this song? If not what are the outfits for the album/a-side?
I guess just casual black outfits?
4. What makes this song good?
The song sounds very fun and has some really great repeating parts in it. It has a very classic feel, with a very fun tune in it. Still the song kind of feels urgent? I don't know how to putt it.
5. When was the last time this song was preformed and by who? (if possible video).
As far as I know it hasn't been preformed since 2000, yet it might have been preformed during Birthday events or other events.
6. Which part should people look forwards to?
The chorus! Actually the whole song is really fun and great to listen to.
7. If this song was prefromed in the next H!P tour, what members should be preforming and in what kind of outfits? (Picture if possible)
I would love Morning Musume to do it. I feel like the older members would really fit this song. For outfits, I really have no clue. Maybe just some plain white dresses? Or like the cover, black.
8. Ask one other persons opinion about this song:
9. Give this song a grade (1/10 with 1 being horrible, to 10 being awsome)
I would give this song a 8. This song really has the classic Morning Musume feel. It doesn't have the serious feel a lot of classic Morning Musume songs have (like before Gomaki), so this is a real gem for me.
10. What is the "populair" rating for this song?
3... So sad...


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