H!P Treasure Box: Ikuta Erina

Today's Treasure Box will feature the girl that is Niigaki Risa's biggest fan.
Do you know who I am talking about? Yes!

Ikuta Erina
Name: Ikuta Erina
Nickname: Eripon
Birthday: July 7, 1997 (Age: 19)
Group: Morning Musume

1. What do you like about this member?
I love a lot about Eripon. She is such a hard worker and I think she is really entertaining. She dances beautiful and her voice has improved so much!
2. What do you dislike about this member?
Nothing really? 
3. When was the first time you saw this member?
During the 9th gen auditions!
4. How did she look? (Picture)

5. What was the first song you ever saw this girl in?
6. What was the first cd you bought with this girl in it?
Her debut single Maji Desu ka Ska!

7. What is a preformance you really enjoy of this member?
That;s an easy question! I have always adored Ikuta's preformance of Yowamushi!
8. What song would you like to see this member preform?
Let me think... Maybe something like Tanpopo or Purple wind?
9. Post three of your favorite pictures of this member.
10. What is your best memory of this girl?
There isn't really one moment that is my best memory of her. I did enjoy her live stream when she got Gaki-san's image color. That was really awsome.
Bonus question:
If you met this girl tomorrow, what would you tell her?
Eripon! I wish we could go shopping togheter or sing! I love you and I can not wait until you have at least one center single!


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