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Today we will be looking through my iTunes list to see which Morning Musume songs are my top 15 of songs(album and singles)! The number behind the song title, is the amount iTunes says I have been listening to the song! Are you ready?

Number 15
Fantasy ga Hajimaru (43)
Ah, yes I can totally adore this song! When this album was released I got addicted to this song and Eri's song. I wonder if that one will be in the list.. I am a big fan of Sayumi's voice in this song and it goes so well with Ai-chan's and Eri's vocals. In my opinion this song showcases Ai-chan's vocal abilities the best of any Momusu song. That end note still makes me shiver!

Number 14
What is Love? (45)
I am really suprised What is Love? made it into this list! I really like the song, but I never actually put it on. This does explain why my mother was singing it while doing laundry.. Anyway this song is just so much fun and I love the english parts a lot! I am actually really happy with the new line distribution after Sayu left, as Haruka now has the legendary last Is it necessary?

Number 13
Oh My Wish! (47)
Yas! This song is everything! I am still so happy with this ZukkiDuu lead. The song is so strong and that two undergirls got to lead it!! I really love the duet parts between Zukki and Duu as they really complement eachothers voices.

Number 12
Utakata Saturday Night(65)
My Party song! I love dancing and singing to this song while cooking. It's such a carefree and fun song! I am a big fan of Sakura's last line and Zukki's speaking line always makes me tear up. I love Utakata so much! I am happy it made my list!

Number 11
Morning Misoshiru (66)
I am a sucker for Morning Coffee, so releasing a new version was the bomb! I love this song so much and with this new modern version, urgh. I remember hearing it live and listening to that one on repeat until this one came out! All the yes to this cover! And Haruka's line in the brigde!!

Number 10
Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru (79)
Again a song I am totally suprised by. I think when this song was released I wasn't even such a big fan of the song, like at all. Yet it really grow on to me and I like to listen to it once in a while. I am a big fan of Riho's vocals in this song and I really love the cool, yet still upbeat feel it has. I think my love for the song did come from the special MV it got!

Number 9
Okay, this might be an even bigger suprise.. TIKI BUN?! I adore this song, yet I never imagened it being up so high! It must have to do with Sayu-loss... I do have a fondness of the Tiki Bun parts and the little dj dance they do with it. I am happy it made it all the way up here!

Number 8
I feel like I never listen to this song. How is it up here. Endless Sky is such a beautiful and emotional song. I am just really suprised it is here, as I can't even really sing along to it (or so it feels). Weird. Again a song I wasn't a big fan of when it was released. It felt to happy for a gradution song, yet it was the perfect sendoff for our Yashii.. I miss her. #Sayashiloss

Number 7
Can we even call this a real Momusu song? It's Sayu's graduation solo! And urgh I love it so much! I remember hearing it the first time and thinking: yuck, why not re-release Lalala no Pipipi, that one is much better. And look at how high it now is! I really adore Sayu's voice in this song and singing along with it is one of my favorite things to do! Again Sayuloss...

Number 6
Mukidashi de Mukiatte(151)
Finally a song that doesn't suprise me AT ALL. I love MukiMuki. I am in love with MukiMuki. I seriously freaking love this song! If asked I think this might be in my top three. I LOVE IT. I love the beat, I adore the vocals, I love the chorus, the bridge is amazing, urgh, it's the best. When I just moved into my current appartment and we were trying out the new tv, I actually put this song on to see how the resolution was. That's how much I love this song. MukiMuki for the win!

Number 5
Another no brainer. I think this song has been blasting out of the car for ages. BNM is such a strong song and it has Eripon solo line! I love how cool this is and how different is sounds from Momusu's other cool songs! And it is such a good introduction to 13ki! Cool Momusu!!

Number 4
Mikaeri Bijin (161)
Sayuloss, just saying. So this means the whole Sayu grad single is in my top 15. Wow! I love Mikaeri Bijin. I love how it's different and how it's in unison. It's such a nostalgic and wonderful song. It has so many emotions, how did they even do that?! Sayuloss was real and when they preformed this during her last stage, did anyone keep dry?

Number 3
Yuugure wa Ameagari(234)
My true face is starting to show. I am so fond of this song. I love how soft it is and how the vocals are so pretty. It's a great ballad, yet it still feels kind of happy and fun. Sakura and Mizuki really show of how great their voices go with these kind of songs. I love the opening to this song so much, that I had it as a ringtone for ages (it was a problem though, I wanted to hear the song instead of picking up my phone...)

Number 2
Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe (510)
Well, yes. This song has been on repeat for ages. I sometimes go back and have it on repeat for hours again. I know ever sound, every line, every background vocal. I love this song. I am devoted to this song. Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe is a song I worship. I freaking adore this song. I love how it's so beautiful and it was so different from anything Momusu had released up to that point. It's so beautiful. The violin and piano at the beginning still give me chills. Urgh this song is so much.

Number 1
Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi (553)
The big winner is, no suprise, Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi. When this song was released, I was stunned. I loved it so much! I never heared Riho sound like this and it was pure perfection. The emotions in this song are so on point. It really felt like the whole song was prefect for Riho. When this song starts, it's so slow and then it just gets that umpf. I love how it's totally a Riho song, yet the other girls sound soooo great in it! Only an amazing song can do that. And the whole sort of break before the chorus is so pretty. Not to speak about the bridge that makes my heart skip a beat. 

I am not suprised by my top 5. I am however suprised that these 15 are almost all from the colorful era! This might be because I got this computer around that time and so it just started counting from that point on. Yet I do have an obvious love for Graduation songs and Ballad. My top four are all ballads! Sayuloss and Riholoss are still quite big, which is weird because Zukki always ranked higher on my favorites list. Mm, weird. 
If I had to say which songs are my actual favorites, I think my top 3 would be almost the same:
1. Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe
2. Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi
3. Mukidashi de Mukiatte

Some song that didn't make the list of weren't album/single songs:
Rosewood no Kokuhaku (96)
Suki Dakara... (94)
Lalala no Pipipi (41)

What are your top songs in iTunes?


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