MMmonth: 10th generation

Let's talk 10th generation!
Just a few days ago, Morning Musume's 10th generation celebrated their 6th anniversary.
They are the generation that has currently stayed togheter for the longest of all generations.
Let's take a step back into history!
Morning Musume announced they would be looking for their 10th generation members in the spring of 2011. They had just gained 4 new members at the beginning of that year through the 9th generation auditions and leader Takahashi Ai had announced her graduation for that fall.
Morning Musume 10ki member "Genki Jirushi" auditions closed their applications in July of that year and it was announced that girls who auditioned could also audition for S/mileage, yet they could only join one group. 
Quite a lot of, now, well known names participated in the third round of the audition: Miyazaki Yuka, Hamaura Ayano, Taguchi Natsumi, Fuji Rio, Ogawa Rena and Makino Maria, to name a few. 
Only 10 girls were choosen to participate in the training camp and only 8 girls went on to the final round and got to preform before Tsunku. One of the girls that didn't make in through the training camp was Tashima Meru, now a prominent member of HKT48.
Eventhough the audition was suppose to give Morning Musume two new members, on the 29th of september it was announced during Morning Musume's budokan concert, that 4 new members would join the group as their 10th generation:
Name: Iikubo Haruna
Nickname: Harunan
Birthday: November 7, 1994 
From: Tokyo
Age: 22 (16 when she joined)
Color: Honey (Chocolate when she joined)
Title: Sub-leader

Name: Ishida Ayumi
Nickname: Daaishi
Birthday: January 7, 1997
From: Miyagi
Age: 20 (14 when she joined)
Color: Blue

Name: Sato Masaki
Nickname: Maa-chan
Birthday: May 7, 1999
From: Hokkaido
Age: 18 (12 when she joined)
Color: Emerald Green

Name: Kudo Haruka
Nickname: Duu
Birthday: October 27, 1999 
From: Saitama
Age: 17 (11 when she joined)
Color: Orange
Was a Hello!Pro Egg since March 2010

The four girls joined Morning Musume a day before Takahashi Ai's graduation and from then on were under the leadership of 5th gen's Niigaki Risa. They got to participate in a lot of events to promote Hello!Project's single Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku, they however didn't participate in the single themselfs as it was recorded before they joined. 
In 2012, the 10th gen got to participate in their first single Pyoko Pyoko Ultra and all got a solo line. In the summer of that year 10th gen got their own song "Seishun Domannaka" as a b-side on Morning Musume's 50th single One.Two.Three/The Matenrou Show. 
In that same summer Iikubo Haruna changed her color from Chocolate to Honey and 10th gen had their first trip to Hawaii. 
Actually 10th gen might have had the most events as a generation from all generations I can remember (please correct me if I am wrong). They had a first year event, a 5th year event, a christmas event and are in october going on their first bustour as a generation! 10th gen also released a photobook as a generation!
10th generation has become quite an important part of the current Morning Musume. Masaki is one of the main vocalists, Ayumi is very prominent dance wise and also gets to sing quite a lot, Haruka also gained a lot of lines since her shared center Oh My Wish! and Haruna is always a big part of MC's and talking on shows. 
In december, the first member of the 10th gen will graduate from the group. Kudo Haruka will be going her own way and try becoming a musical actress.
Let's keep on supporting 10th generation!


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