Finally the time has come to talk about Morning Musume's theater play TRIANGLE!
The play is already 2 years old, yet something I really wanted to talk about for a long time. 
I watched it when the DVD was released but thanks to temp.sub, I was finally able to understand every little detail! And do you need every little detail to understand how magnificent this story is!
The play is in two parts: Alpha and Beta.
Alpha centers Ishida Ayumi as Princess Sakura, while Beta centers Kudo Haruka as Asada.
The story is about the planet Alpha. This planet doesn't know war or fights, thanks to the Queen who get's devine messages from the heavens. As long as the people of Alpha follow these messages, peace and prosperity will stay on the planet. Due to this peace a lot of people from other planets are living on Alpha, like the people from Omega and Beta. 
Omega is a planet far away and the people who come from that planet can handle a jellyfish like creature called the SuwaSuwa. SuwaSuwa make the electricity that keeps Alpha from getting dark. Beta is a planet of war. The people always have to fight in order to stay alive. It is said that the people form this planet are able to read your heart when they touch you. 
One day the Queen (Fukumura Mizuki) recieves a message about her daughter Sakura. The one princess Sakura will marry has been shown. Sakura has to marry, even if it isn't for love.

Spoilers ahead!
The story comes in two parts, which is amazing, because we get to see so much of the characters! In Alpha Sakura is the lead role, but we get to see a lot of Kiri's (Sayashi Riho) story, while in Beta we get to know more about Rosewood (Oda Sakura).
Due to the proclaimation, Sakura starts wondering who she loves and find herself thinking about Asada, who has been her friend since childhood. Yet her fiancee is suppose to be someone from the planet Beta and only the cold Kiri is from that planet. 
In Beta we find out that Asada actually has Beta blood through his Father, but is scared to tell anyone the truth, because of the bad things people say and think about Beta's. 
Rosewood, another one of Sakura's childhood friends and her lady in waiting, is really scared that Sakura will not listen to the message from the heavens. She herself did not listen to them and is now forever cursed. In Beta we find out that Rosewood had to marry someone who wanted to get rid of all Omega's and use the SuwaSuwa for his own good. This man (Ogata Risa) had to marry a noble lady before he could make this happen, so Rosewood refused to save Asada. Rosewood has been in love with Asada since the first day they met, so she doesn't want him to disappear.
Asada, however, is madly in love with Sakura, but doesn't know she can marry anyone who has Beta blood. He doesn't want to touch Sakura, because he is afraid he will read her heart, which he sees as an invasion of her privacy. Asada is also scared of what will happen if he finds out Sakura feels the same way as him. 
In the Alpha version Sakura tries to confess to Asada but gets shocked by a SuwaSuwa (Asada has to hold her hand in order for her not to get shocked, but he is so scared of the word "Suki" that he let's go of her hand). Kiri has secretly been in love with Sakura all along. When he came to Alpha he wanted to concer the planet and claim it as his own, but when he crashed in the palace gardens and Sakura came to save him, he changed his mind and wanted to protect her no matter what. 
Sakura later finds Asada and Rosewood holding hands. It breaks her heart and she decides to marry Kiri. Kiri, however, tells her that Asada is also a Beta and is able to marry her. Sakura goes to confess to Asada, but decides that she wants Asada to be happy with Rosewood and sees that she can come to love someone like Kiri. 
In Beta we see that Asada is struggeling with his feelings for Sakura. This is until he finds out that Rosewood put him first and cursed herself by not marrying as the message from the heaves told her to. Rosewood tried to save him and still tells him to persue Sakura as a lover. He finds himself wanting to go for Rosewood's love instead of his selfish love for Sakura.

Urgh the story is so beautiful and sad. It really suprised me that the Beta version told such a different side of the story. In Alpha you actually get the idea that Asada only cares for Sakura as a friend, while he actually loves her all along. I find it so beautiful that in the end Sakura and Asada both push away their love for eachother and go for the people who are giving up their own happiness for theirs. 
I was really blown away by the acting of all members. Especially Haruka and Riho were soooo good. Both played men, which must have been quite hard, but they pulled it off so well I sometimes forgot they were girls. Asada is such a fun and loving character, while Kiri is so cool and has such a deep story. I was also really amazed by Ayumi's emotion in her acting and her singing! I am not a big fan of Ayumi's singing, but in the play it was soooo good! And Sakura!! Her Rosewood was so deep and she sang with such emotion. Te wo Hanasanai was so beautiful, I cried. 
I also really enjoyed Makino Maria's Lindy. She is perfect for a SuwaSuwa! So flowy and pretty! I was quite sad to see Masaki and the other members of the 12th gen have such small roles, but they nailed it. I think the role of Dice was prefect for Masaki, I love her in spoiled roles. Mizuki was really confincing as the Queen and Maasa was a perfect father and husband. 

And guys the songs, THE SONGS. They are so beautiful and good! I am such a big fan of Triangle Alpha and Beta, Rosewood no Kokuhaku (93 listens on iTunes alone) and Te wo Hanasanai. I really adore the feel of the songs and how they go from really happy to really sad. 
Triangle is an amazing story. It's really sad, but really beautiful. Please go watch it if you are a Morning Musume fan! This will show you why Haruka is perfect to go into acting and why Sakura is my favorite vocalist in the current Hello!Pro!


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