Time is flying...

Hello hello dear readers,
I can not believe it has almost been two months since I last posted here. 
Has it really been that long?
Well guys I have been so busy with school, I can't even the last day I actually felt relaxed.
I am really busy with my history study and my english minor. 
Furthurmore I am teacher three classes, which takes up a lot of my time. 
Ofcourse I have been trying to keep up with H!P stuff, but it's quite hard. 
Next to the stuff I need to do for school and my internship, I ofcourse also have family and friends who I wanna see and do stuff with. 
So my blog kinda came after all these things. 
But let me tell you some things that have been going on in my life. 
Did you guys know I have become a total planner addict? I love planning and I am currently planning in two planners + the Flow weekly. Planning kinda gives me peace at mind and makes me take some time for myself, which is nice. 
Another thing I did recently, was a teachingmarathon from 7.30 till 23.59.
We did this for the refugees and  my students collected a lot of money for them. We started with a breakfast, after which the normal lessons started. At 15.00 the marathon started and I teached some Japanese to 5 classes. Ofcourse it was really simple Japanese and I also learned them about the culture, but it was a lot of fun. When the day ended, I was extremely tired, but it was a lot of fun. 

A week or two ago I went on a camp with one of my classes. We went climbing (which was really scary, so I only went up in the trees and didn't actually go climbing). The kids also went survivaling and I watched them jump in dirt and swim in cold water. It was such a great day and I really liked going on that camp. 
Yesterday was the last day before the autumn break and we had a project day. I went to Sports Day and supported a class. Sadly we lost, but it was great fun seeing them compete. 
Anyway I will try to update more, but please do understand why I do not update that much anymore.. 
I hope you have all been well!



  1. You've been quite a busy bee. All of this news is great.

    I hope things go well for you in the future. Good luck on the rest of the year!


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